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Customer Testimonials


“Andrew was great to work with -- very responsive, very flexible in appointment times, very knowledgeable. He had the patience to spend 30 minutes on the phone with Bose tech support, and also gave me great advance on removing junk software from my laptop. I would recommend him without hesitation!”  

- P Coffman



“Picked up my computer to evaluate and repair it.  He said it was old and not worth putting more money into it.  He suggested models of new computers I could purchase.  I purchased a new Apple IMAC from another source.  He recycled my old computer and installed all the software from the old computer to the new one after he set up my new computer.”  

- K Morris



“Not only was I pleased, I made friend, for almost 3 years I have kept close contact with this company and would recommend them to anyone. I normally wouldn't say this, but even when it was my screw up, TSP patiently and without question fixed the issue. I do not think you will find another IT company on this level for this price. One time in early 2011 my website was subject of a SQL injection that caused my database to multiply in size, thus bringing it to it's knees, I made on phone call and it was fixed within 30 minutes. I have no other way of making this choice easier for you than I already have. Give TSP a go, it is sure to be worth every penny. Thanks again Andrew!”


Description of work: “I spoke to Andrew about setting up a new website called and soon learned while work was performed, about SQL, Databases and CSS. I couldn't have met a better person to do this work. Not only did he achieve the level of stability I intended, when a certain exploit was found, he returned through sftp to repair or patch any existence.”

- S Smith



"It went fabulous. He had to come out to my house in order to fix it. He didn't charge me extra for making the trip out. He had it up and running in 30 minutes and was just wonderful."

- K Jackson



"Andrew was great to work with. He arrived when promised and completed the installation within an hour. The new equipment performs much better than old consumer-grade equipment we installed ourselves about 4 years ago. We were experiencing frequent dropped internet connections with the old equipment. With the new equipment in place for a little more than one month, we've had only one or two dropped connections."


"Description of work: Installed a commercial-grade router, 8 port gigabit switch, and WiFi access point for our small office network."

- C Graves



"Andrew is very personable and does a great job. I have a custom built computer that is much more complex than the average home computer. When I began having problems, Andrew diagnosed a virus which required wiping the computer and reinstalling all of the software. Because of the complexity of my computer is was difficult to instantly know if everything was working properly. Andrew checked in regularly to see if things were working properly. When a problem arose he was 
able to access the computer remotely and fix the problems.  I was very appreciative of the time he took to make sure all software was working properly and the fact that he did not charge extra for all the additional attention my computer required. I cant recall a time when someone has done this kind of follow up to make sure that you are highly satisfied with the service received." 

- D Stegmiller



"He was very professional. We talked about what needed to be done and why. We came up with a game plan and it worked. i am not sure how he fixed my computer but her did a wonderful job. I also have a desk top that is considered ancient in computer years (8-10 years old) He told me the truth with compassion. i needed to let it go and get something that is is more current and faster ( my internet service was to fast  for my desk top)."

- S Curtis



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